About this website


This website is intended to provide information about Grace Gwyneddon Davies' first collection of folk-songs from Anglesey, and its performance and reception history. The site aims to integrate a mixture of editorial commentary on the collection and its creator with digitised versions of some of the sources upon which this commentary is based. The digitised sources include a scanned copy of the collection itself, as well as transcriptions of sources such as newspaper articles, letters, and diary entries, that make reference to either the collection or its creator, or to performances of the songs contained in it.

Beyond the provision of this information, it is hoped that users of the site will contribute their own knowledge and experiences of the collection and its songs using the form provided on the ‘Performance & Reception’ page. If successful, this will make possible a greater understanding of the collection's dissemination, use, and impact, and reveal currently hidden aspects of the collection's ongoing history.


This website complements an article that appeared in Canu Gwerin 40 (2017), ‘Alawon Gwerin Môn: towards a reception history’. This configuration of a digital/textual research project is, along with the project in general, an extension of the author's PhD research (Towards a digital land of song, Open University/National Library of Wales), which explored some of the possibilities afforded to the study of Welsh traditional music by emerging technologies.

Technological specifications

The website draws information from a MySQL database, and the geographical maps on the ‘Performance & Reception’ page combine information from the database with maps provided by MapBox.

Further information

If you have any queries regarding the website, please contact its author, Andrew Cusworth, via email at andrewdjcusworth@gmail.com.